BI Summer Edition

Hiland’s dates for the Summer Backpack Initiative are Tuesday July 18 and Thursday July 27.  If you are available and would like to participate, please contact Carolyn Gibbs. The main focus of this mission is to make connections with some of the children in the Backpack Initiative program and their families. Our Hiland volunteers will be eating lunch with and engaging in friendly conversation with school children and their families.

DATES:  Tuesday July 18 and Thursday July 27

TIME:  starting at 12:30 PM  (We do not yet know exactly how long the event lasts.)

LOCATION:  Christ Lutheran Church 157 Peony Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15229

TASK:  to make connections and eat lunch with Backpack Initiative families. Also to supply some desserts, fruits and veggies to go with the pizza that the school district provides. We will not be serving people, but will be eating with them and talking with them.  Our main job is to connect with people and mingle with them and just be normal and friendly.  WE WILL ALSO BE PROVIDING FRESH FRUIT, FRESH VEGETABLES, AND FUN DESSERTS.  The director of the program will bring some games or crafts, and our volunteers can do the crafts or play with kids, if the kids want to. The kids also have an opportunity to play outside, weather permitting.

NUMBER OF VOLUNTEERS NEEDED:  a) about 5 volunteers to be present on each date. No clearances are needed, since parents will be present. b) 2 desserts, 2 fruit trays, 2 small veggie trays.  If you cannot come to the event, but would like to provide a home-baked dessert (kid-friendly, such as cookies or brownies) or a plate of fruit or cut-up vegetables, you can sign up for that, and drop it off at Hiland the evening before or the morning of those two dates.

HOW TO SIGN UP:  Contact Carolyn Gibbs. Please give your name, contact info, which date you are volunteering for, and whether you will be at the event or will be supplying fruit, veggies, or dessert.

NOTE ABOUT SCHOOL-AGED VOLUNTEERS:  Hiland kids are welcome to volunteer with a Hiland adult.  Kids might encounter other children their age, and might recognize them if they are in the same school district.  The main point is for Hiland folks (both kids and adults) to mingle, eat with everyone, play with them if they like.

DESCRIPTION OF EVENT:  The Backpack Initiative will host a pizza lunch and activities following summer math and reading classes at Highcliff Elementary. The families walk from the school over to Christ Lutheran Church, across the street from the school.  Our volunteer work takes place at the church, not at the elementary school. The number of children expected to attend is about 10 to 40 kids. This is a pretty free form event. Volunteers are encouraged to eat lunch with the kids and families.  Some kids may be interested in doing crafts, others will play on the playground or do bubbles, etc. In other words, we are not expected to direct or have structured events. This volunteer work is not physically demanding. It is Food, Fellowship, and Fun. This is a CHANCE to serve, play, and connect.

In addition, the families will have a chance to pick up bags of food to take home. If anyone has a vehicle the size of a minivan and is available during the day to help with delivery of about 30 bags (2-3 bins) from North Hills Christian Church on Thompson Run Road to Christ Lutheran Church on Peony Avenue, please contact Carolyn Gibbs about that.