These volunteer opportunities are not restricted to the Hiland Congregation but are open to anyone from the North Hills area who want to be involved in fun and fulfilling outreach to the community.


Winter Clothing Drive

PLEASANT VALLEY SHELTER WINTER COLLECTION:  Help keep someone warm this winter. Temperatures are dropping and Pleasant Valley Shelter is reporting that the street homeless who rely on and use their services are already needing winter weather help. During the months of November and December, Hiland will be collecting the following items for the men at the Pleasant Valley Shelter:

  • Men’s Gloves
  • Hand and Feet Warmers — these are very popular with the guys!
  • Long Johns – sizes Medium – 2XL
  • Hooded Sweatshirts – sizes Medium – 2XL

Boxes for these items will be in the Library. Thank you, in advance, for your generous contributions.



BI logoNORTH HILLS BACKPACK INITIATIVE – The Backpack Initiative helps West View Elementary families in need of weekend food for their children. Each child will receive a bag we packed right here with child-friendly, single-serving snacks and easily prepared meals at the end of the week. Here’s where you come in! There is something for everyone to do!!!

PACKING – We are looking for 5-7 people to help us pack food for kids at risk for food insecurity in our local community. We will need approximately one hour of your time and energy! Packing starts at 7:30 PM. This will be an ongoing activity which will occur every two weeks, so if a particular night does not work for you another one might! Please let Dawn Herzig, Lauren Waldorf or Deb Ferguson know if you are interested being part of a packing crew.

DELIVERY – We will also need a delivery crew that would be able to deliver the packed bags to West View Elementary during operational hours. Again, please contact Dawn Herzig, Lauren Waldorf or Deb Ferguson to sign up!

FOOD DONATIONS – Food donations will also be accepted throughout the school year. Suggestions include: individual portion size pudding, peanut butter crackers, peaches, mandarin oranges, oatmeal, granola bars, Rice Krispies treats, mac and cheese cups, Chef Boyardee meal cups. Look for our box/bin at the back of the church!



Durable Medical Equipment

DURABLE MEDICAL EQUIPMENT LENDING PROGRAM – Need a wheelchair, walker, portable commode, shower seat, toilet raiser or cane? Call the church office at 412-364-9000 Monday – Friday between 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. You can borrow equipment from the lending program for as long as you need free of charge.

WANT TO HELP? Have a wheelchair, walker, portable commode, shower seat, toilet raiser or cane  you don’t need anymore? Hiland’s lending program is stocked completely by donations from the community. Clear out some of your storage space and help a person in need – donate to Hiland’s lending program. Contact the church office at 412-364-9000 between 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. for more details.



Food DriveTHE NORTH HILLS FOOD BANK, located on the Hiland Campus, has been serving the North Hills, Ross, and West View communities for over twenty-five years and works in cooperation with nine other local churches. During 2015, the food bank served an average of 237 families (575 individuals) each month. Hours of Operation: Tuesday and Thursdays from 10:00 a.m. – 1:45 p.m.

WANT TO HELP? The Food Bank is always in need of donations from the community. Drop off an item of food, organize a food drive, or consider a financial gift. Phone: 412-366-7477. You can drop your items off at church on Sunday mornings or at the Food Bank on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 a.m. – 1:45 p.m. The Food Bank also has a box located just outside their door where you can place donations during non-operation hours.



Tweeners at PVS

PLEASANT VALLEY SHELTER – Hiland supports Pleasant Valley Men’s shelter on Brighton Road in the Northside, by supplying dinner one day per month for the 25-35 men at the shelter. Pleasant Valley Shelter is part of Northside Common Ministries which provides counseling as well as housing a Community Food Pantry. Hiland sponsors periodic collections of men’s clothing as well as toiletries and other items requested by the shelter.

WANT TO HELP? – We need people to provide easy-to-make casseroles, as well as purchasing other items for the dinner. Volunteers are needed to transport the meal-ready food, as well as serve the men on the first Monday of the month. Men’s clothing, especially larger men’s sizes, can be dropped off at the church to be taken down with our monthly meal.