Welcome to Hiland! We are a church with a rich history and a promising future. For more than 200 years we have witnessed to the Lord Jesus Christ in our worship, fellowship and service and we look to the future with a renewed sense of vision and mission to the North Hills and beyond.
We are a congregation dedicated to Christ, devoted to one another and determined to make a difference in our world. We know that God calls all of us to be part of the body of Christ and blessed us to be a blessing. It our prayer that the Lord will bless you through the people and ministries of Hiland Church!


Hiland Presbyterian Church is located at 845 Perry Highway, Pittsburgh, PA 15229. Click here for a map.

Church office hours 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., Monday – Friday. Email: hilandchurchoffice@gmail.com / phone: 412-364-9000.



Hiland Presbyterian Church is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church USA. www.pcusa.org

Hiland Presbyterian Church is a member of the Pittsburgh Presbytery. www.pghpresbytery.org

The Campus

The Hiland campus holds the original Sanctuary built in 1836, as well as a two-story educational building and the original manse which is now used for the church offices. Also located on the back campus behind the cemetery is the North Hills Food Bank which serves hundreds of North Hills residents monthly. Hiland Child Care Center and Hiland Preschool are located in the educational building.

Hiland Church Office………………….412-364-9000

Hiland Child Care Center………….412-367-4550

Hiland Preschool………………………..412-367-3566

North Hills Food Bank……………….412-366-7477

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Hiland is grounded in a rich history of faith that is moving us into the future. It all began in 1799 when supply minister Mr. Stockton of the Ohio Presbytery preached at “Ye Olde Highland Church.” Our history includes worship in an open-air tent, supply ministers, musket-bearing men guarding against Indian attacks, and families traveling on horseback or walking great distances. Today we benefit from the faith and perseverance of our forefathers and mothers, and continue to carry that tradition into the future. Stop in our Library to enjoy the many pictures and memorabila on display.

The first “church” was a tent, then a log cabin, and in 1836, a building. An addition to the sanctuary, dedicated in 1914, provided Sunday school classrooms, kitchen, Sacristy, and bathrooms. A new educational building and fellowship hall with state-of-the-art kitchen was completed in 1954. The Hiland campus is spacious and always busy with our many programs and outreach ministries that continue to grow out of our dedication to the Lord Jesus Christ.

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