As a Presbyterian Church, Hiland is governed by the Session which is responsible for the mission and government of the church. The Session is comprised of Elders who are elected from and by the congregation and the Pastor who serves as Moderator. The Session along with the Board of Deacons, Staff, and the Members-at-large carry on the ministry of Hiland Presbyterian Church. Hiland’s ministry is shared among eight specialized teams:

The Christian Education Committee’s mission and vision is to provide thought-provoking resources and opportunities for spiritual formation and growth of children, youth, young adults, and mature adults of Hiland, and the surrounding community. CE’s objective is to ensure that these groups are inspired and equipped as we all strive to become disciples of Christ.

The CORE (Connect, OutReach and Engage) Committee’s goal is creating unity and building relationships. They welcome visitors, provide information, and follow-up on how we can meet their needs. They seek to build better relationships with our regular attendees and those we have not seen in a while and to develop a stronger connection between Hiland and ministry groups on campus. Communication is a key component to their strategy.

The Facilities Management Committee is responsible for maintaining and improving the Hiland campus. They encourage the whole congregation to help keep our church home safe and beautiful. They are also responsible for the church’s business matters.

The Human Resources Committee is responsible for securing Hiland’s staff and seeks to encourage and support staff members in order to maximize their satisfaction as employees of Hiland.

The Social Action and Mission Committee, which is the informational source on issues requiring social action, responds to Christ’s call to serve one another with compassion and diligence throughout the community, nation, and world with our hearts, minds, assets, and talents.

The Stewardship and Finance Committee monitors the financial health of Hiland and encourages financial stewardship that promotes the individual’s spiritual journey while supporting Hiland and its outreach in the local and global community.

The Worship and Music Committee, working with the Director of Music Ministries, presents members and visitors with opportunities that draw them into a closer relationship with God and one another through worship, praise, music, and edification.

The Board of Deacons is our “hands and heart” committee. Their varied duties include providing the little things like refreshments for fellowship hour up to the big things like caring for our homebound members. They are also responsible for our Durable Medical Equipment Program, as well as oversight of the Armstrong Fund which offers educational loans within the Hiland family. They are continually looking for new ways to serve the Hiland family.